Scented eraser pen

///Scented eraser pen

Scented eraser pen


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The scented eraser pen is a chunky pen that is very easy to hold and use.  There are two options, apple or grape.

What we love about the scented eraser pen is that there are 5 individual erasers.  When one is worn down, simply take the piece out and push it up at the base of the pen.  The next eraser then pops up ready for use.

The thickness and length of the scented eraser pen makes it ideal for little hands or for those with poor fine motor.

This scented eraser pen is a pretty special and novel addition to any stationery set.  It doubles as a fun way to introduce smells to the sensory diet.

IT will fit neatly inside a pencil case ready to deal with mistakes and mishaps.

This scented eraser is a good way to provide olfactory input.  Add it to the sensory box or kit bag.   Introduce it during therapy or at school.

Suitable for 3yrs+

12cm x 1.5cm


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