Scented Glitter gel pens come in a pack of 12 different colours and unique fruity scents.

These awesome scents are popular with all ages and are a fun way of providing a range of olfactory input.  They are a must have resource for the sensory box.

The colours and distinct delicious scents are:

  • red – cherries
  • pink – strawberry
  • peach – orange
  • yellow – banana
  • green – lime
  • dark green – apple
  • blue – blueberries
  • dark blue – blackberries
  • purple – grapes
  • brown – pineapple
  • grey – watermelon
  • dark grey – coconut

There is a good variety of scents and smells in the pack.  They give lots of options for supporting olfactory de-sensitisation or trialling different smells for mood and calming behaviour.  Use these scented pen in therapy, as rewards and treats, at school or after school.

The gel pens glide easily across the page and are well suited to older children and adults who like to add a little sparkle to their work. Add them to your pencil case and desk.

Dimensions:  approx 15cm x 0.6cm