Seek Four Expressions Game

///Seek Four Expressions Game

Seek Four Expressions Game


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Seek Four Expressions Game is fun game that will have you Drawing, acting, expressing or telling stories to represent the expression you’re after.

Aim of Seek Four Expressions Game:

Wear your coloured scarfs and seek four expressions cards of the same colour.

So, how do you collect the expressions cards? Well, that depends on what you roll. There are 6 different ways you can ask the other players for a card:

  • Clock Face: Narrate a story describing something that has happened to you when you may have felt this emotion. You cannot name the emotion.
  • Drama Face: If you roll this face, you need to ask for a card by acting out the expressions. But, not words or sounds are allowed
  • Speech Bubble: You may ask for a card from another player by naming the feeling
  • Speaker: Ask the other players for a card by making a sound that would describe the emotion. Example: Laughter would represent happy
  • Pencil: Draw the feeling for the other players
  • Face: Without using any words or gestures, you need to use your own facial expressions to represent the expression you’re after

The Three Game Types:

  1. Wear your scarves & seek 4 cards of the same colour with the roll of the die. The first to make a set of 4 cards wins.
  2. Swap cards till you get 4 of a kind. Act it out so that others guess what emotion you have.
  3. Be a storyteller and listen carefully. All you need to do is remember stories for each emotion card and win.

Seek Four Expressions Game comes with:

  • 32 x Emotion Cards
  • 4 x Coloured Scarfs
  • 1 x Wooden Die
  • 1 x Mirror
  • 4 x Reference Cards
  • 1 x Pad
  • 1 x Pencil
  • Instructions Booklet



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