Sequences – Hygiene Habits

///Sequences – Hygiene Habits

Sequences – Hygiene Habits


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Teach your kids all about Hygiene practices and sequencing with Sequences – Hygiene Habits.

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Sequences – Hygiene Habits is a fun way to teach children about about routine hygiene practices and sequencing.

Do we dry hands then wash them with water and soap…..or is it the other way around? Educate your kids all about hygiene routines whilst also teaching them about sequencing. They will also learn about some time terminology (before and after).  It helps to put sequences in order and talk about images by narrating a coherent story. The cards also develop logical thinking and verbal expression.

Recommended for ages 3 – 6

Learning Sequences –Hygiene Habits includes:

  • 36 Cards:
    • Getting Dressed Routine
    • Boy – Going To The Toilet Routine
    • Girl – Going To The Toilet Routine
    • Washing And drying Hands
    • Washing Routine In The Shower
    • Bushing our Teeth
    • 1 Base


  • Base: 36x45x55 cm
  • Cards: 5×5 cm


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