Spin a Roo

Spin a Roo


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Spin a Roo is a fun, fast-paced sorting and counting game with two ways to play!

Spin a Roo for Early Learners:

Early learners will enjoy the sorting game. When playing the game, players a race to match the most numbers and colours on their card! When ANY player sees a Token that matches any colour or number their Card, they out the colour or number, takes the Token, and places it on the matching space on their Card.

Spin a Roo for Advanced Learners:

Advanced learners will love the counting game . In this game, players  race to collect the most tokens by counting up and down from one to ten. So, basically when ANY player sees a token number that comes before or after any number on their card, they out the number, takes the Token, and places it on the correct space on their Card.

Spin a Roo keeps leaners keen and excited about practicing their sorting and counting skills. They will love watching the device that ‘magically’ makes the colourful tokens appear.

Spin a Roo includes:

  • 1 Spinner Tray
  • 1 Spinner Handle
  • 76 Double Sided Tokens
  • 6 Double Sided Cards
  • Instruction Manual

Recommended for Kindergarten –  2nd Grade
Suitable for 2 – 6 Players


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