Symphony in B by Battat Toys makes you the conductor!  It is a pretty special, very unique toy that will teach and occupy your children for many years.

Choose instruments from the 13 available, and place them in the orchestra pit.  Hear them play together, a variety of songs and symphonies.

Change the instruments and hear the musical transformation.

With 13 different instruments and 15 songs there are bucket loads of musical combinations that can be created.

Learn about different instrument types such as woodwind, string and percussion.

The sounds are professionally recorded.  Indeed, everything about the Symphony in B is quality.  It is solid and designed so well.  We love that there is convenient on-board storage for all the instruments.

The different instruments double as a shape sorter.

Our 18mth old grandson loves music and dancing, so we took him.  Whilst he definitely wasn’t up to the shape sorting, he absolutely loved it and was fascinated and occupied by the whole thing all day.  The buttons don’t require much fine motor or muscle tone so he quickly figured out how to get the music going and how to turn it off or change the tune.  He also after some trial and error figured out how to place the “instrument” of choice upright in the orchestra pit.  Im looking forward to seeing him grow into this musical masterpiece and learn about all the different sounds and instruments.  It will be fun watching him create his own versions of different songs.

Comes with: 1 base, 13 plastic removable instrument pieces (violin, guitar, erhu, sitar, drum, finger cymbals, clapping hands, piano, accordian, flute, clarinet, trumpet, and tuba)

Included playbill teaches composers, writers and lyrics

Ages from 3 +Years