Time Timer TWIST


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The Time Timer TWIST gives both a digital and a visual graphic that shows time counting down.  It makes for a handy behaviour and time management tool for children or adults.

Its compact and solid design means it is portable, ideal for personal use and fits easily into a bag or back pack for use on-the-go.  The Time Timer Twist also has a magnet on the back, so it can be easily mounted on a whiteboard, fridge or other magnetic surface.

It is very easy to use.  All it takes is a quick twist to set the timer for up to 90minutes.  To start, simply press the button at the top.  We love that this button also gives the option of pausing the timer.

A gentle alarm will sound when the time is up.

The timer is a valuable visual timer aid for parents, teachers, students and professionals.  Children, adolescents and adults can clearly see how much time they have to complete a task (or for how much time they have before transition to an activity).

  • At home use the TWIST® for everything from keeping kids’ morning and bedtime routines on task to timing homework, instrument practice and screen use.
  • In the classroom, it’s great for everything from timing tests and turn-taking exercises to timing group activities to helping kids with special needs stay on task.
  • In the office, use it to keep track of presentations, team-building activities, and more.

Great quality and very durable for the classroom!

Size approx: 8.5cm x 2cm circular timer

One AAA battery required for operation (not included).


  • No loud ticking
  • No set up required
  • Audible alert

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