Tummy Time Cushion

Tummy Time Cushion


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The tummy time cushion is a designed to provide support and stimulation and encourage tummy time for infants.


The tummy time cushion is designed to provide support and stimulation and encourage tummy time for infants.  Having adequate time on their stomachs helps babies develop neck and core muscles which is a stepping stone to further skills. The saying goes “tummy for play, back for sleep” for good reason and this Tummy Time Cushion is a great tool to make tummy time even more enjoyable, and beneficial.

The Tummy Time Cushion comes with a detachable mirror, you can choose to place it beside them, hang it or let your baby hold it and look at their reflection. Looking at their reflection also helps your baby develop self recognition. The Tummy Time Cushion is equipped with a teether and some tactile tags for your baby to use for their fine motor skills. The Tummy Time Cushion’s shape gives your baby different comfort options, your baby can also use the Tummy Time Cushion for lying down on as a bolster pillow.

The tummy time cushion has: a mirror, a grasp and chew ring, 2 “ears” that make different sounds when touched and various fabrics for differing tactile input.

The tummy time cushion has other applications, such as: a cuddle toy, a grasp toy, a chew/teething toy, as a pram or cot attachment.  The mirror can be detached and used separately, too.

The tummy time cushion is a great gift for a newborn, something a bit different that promotes development.

Check the tummy time cushion out below

28cm x 20cm approx

3mths +


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