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Vowel Owls is a brilliant Vowel sound sorting set.

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Vowel Owls is a brilliant Vowel sound sorting set.

There are 100 picture cards (for single syllable words) and 6 owls.  The words are either long or short vowel words.  For short vowel activities, simply remove the long vowel picture cards and vice versa.

The extra (6th) owl gives options for creating additional learning/teaching opportunities.  For example, words where the ‘y’ is making the vowel sound.

There is an activity guide that gives suggestions for activities.

The owls are super cute, and we’ve used them in our tutoring centre we’ve found kids love taking turns choosing a picture card and deciding which owl it goes into.  You can use the owls in lots of ways to make all sorts of games and activities to help children learn.  You can also make your own picture cards to extend the value.

Vowel Owls is a terrific game to provide lots of practice as children learn to discriminate short and/or long vowel sounds.

Suitable for 5yrs+


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