With these Wireless Headphones you can connect them to any smart device wirelessly.

A wonderful listening experience for any journey, home or work.

They are flexible, lightweight and cushioned for a comfortable fit.

Our Wireless Headphones are mainly designed for adolescents and adults. They wouldn’t be a suitable fit for ages 12 and below.

Wireless Headphones Features:

• Seamlessly connect to your  smart devices.
• Wireless listening. Easily move  about while music plays and stay productive all day.
• Can also be plugged into your computer or smart device.
• In-built FM radio function.
• Folding and lightweight; great for travel.
• Flexible fit for any head shape.
• Soft ear cushioning so that you can enjoy the great sound in comfort.
• Multifunction, on-ear controls; answer phone calls, skip tracks and control volume.
• Rechargeable. USB charging cable included.
Get ready to get a playlist/podcast together to test these out!
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