Yogi Yoga Cards


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With Yogi Yoga Cards the possibilities are endless! You can play the games suggested in the leaflet, or make up you own rules. How cool!

The Yogi Yoga Cards is a fantastic tool for social skills, memory, imagination, balance, flexibility and focus!

In this set you get 20 yoga pose cards, with 20 corresponding rhyming pose instruction cards. You also get a leaflet with 4 activities and a special Birthday Activity.

The four activities are:

  • Memo-Yogi
    • Lay the cards face down and select two cards, do they match? If they match, do the pose and read the instruction card to the other players. Place the matching cards in a common stack. The game ends when all poses are matched. If you turn over two cards that don’t match, don’t stress! Return the cards and try again on your next turn.
  • Vinyasa
    • Select the cards listed in the leaflet, complete the poses in the different sequences listed. Do the sequences as much as you like and try to notice if your body is starting to feel different.
  • I am This
    • Spread the cards out upside down, select a card and stand next to it and do the pose shown. Move to the next card acting like the animal you posed as. For example, if you picked the bat you do the pose then move to the next card imagining you are light, swooping the sky. The game ends when all cards are turned over.
  • Yoga Tag
    • Remove the poses listed in the instruction leaflet. Pick one of the remaining poses, this is your safe pose. Memorise this and put the card aside. Pick a player to be it, and start playing Tag. If a running player goes into their pose, they cannot be caught. Whoever gets caught becomes the new ‘it’. The games ends when you’re tired. Afterwards, relax in the Starfish pose for a few moments with your eye closed.

This brilliant activity set is recommended for ages 3+ and 1 or more players. Great for both indoors and outdoors.


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