• Kloudsac has revolutionised the bean bag with it's comfortable and supportive foam replacing traditional noisy beans. The foam filled Kloudsac is incredibly luxurious.  Sink down in, and enjoy the gentle soothing squeeze.  
  • The large 12 sided Months of the Year dice are a very handy resource to create your own games for the home or school.
  • These Jumbo Tweezers are designed especially for children to pick up small items, develop fine motor and hand eye coordination.
  • The 6 sided die has each number (1 - 6) written in words, which is perfect for helping children learn to recognise the written word for each number.
  • This dice is six sided with numerals 1 to 6 (instead of 'dots'), which is ideal for helping children recognise numerals.
  • This 10 sided die has numerals from 1 to 10 and is a great resource to help create your own games.
  • The Spiky Snap Band is a fabulous sensory tactile fidget worn on the wrist.
  • The Zuru Fidget Spinners are the best of the best!
  • These Mask Straws are a great tool oral motor skills (inhaling and exhaling)  
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  • These Easi-Grip Animal Crayons are designed especially for children just learning to hold and control crayons, chalk and pencils.
  • The smiley stress ball ball is the best stress ball toy we've found so far for stress relief.