• These Easi-Grip Crayons come in a set of 24 and are designed especially for little hands to grip - they are a hexagonal shape and don't roll off the table either.
  • The SQWOOZ is a squishy stress ball designed to calm and provide a way to release excess energy.  It is very pliable and easy to squeeze and stretch yet always returns to its original shape.
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    Z-Vibe spare battery
  • The giant sand timers are a fabulous way to help children see and understand how much time they have for an activity or task.
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    Coggy is a fantastic brainteaser which also doubles as a fidget.
  • The Voice changer can be used as a tool to encourage verbalisation in Speech Therapy.  
  • Six Games to help your child with their social awareness skills  
  • Many kinder-gyms use the, too. All sorts of activity can stem from the Bilibo - Red, such as  rocking, spinning, hiding underneath, sitting on top, using them as stepping stones, stack and carry toys, water play, sand play or just use as a seat.  The limit is a child's imagination.
  • The Daily Routine Chart is a large bright horizontal magnetic chart with both day and evening categories and 37 different task magnets.
  • The Scooter Board - Large is an essential tool for therapy. Scooter board's  help children work on and develop strength, balance, proprioception, coordination and more.
  • Whirly Squigz are the most fantastic and flexible toy.  Stick them to just about any smooth, flat and non-porous surface, and give them a spin then watch them twirl and whirl and spin.  They provide an intriguing sensory adventure.
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  • A fidget and hand exerciser all in one!
  • The Lycra Body Sock is a fantastic resource that provides proprioception feedback  and deep pressure.
  • The Ark Saber Tooth Chew Necklace comes in a variety of  "toughness" levels.