• The Yoga Card Game is a fun game for children of bending, stretching and balancing that incorporates 48 yoga poses.
  • The balloon racer is one of our most popular respiration toys because it is appeals to both children and therapists alike.
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  • The mini roller hand fidget is the ultimate fidget for those who need something small, durable, discreet and quiet to fidget with one handed while they listen in class or gatherings.
  • The CanDo Exercise Bands Loops are a continuous band of latex used for exercise and therapy.
  • This adorable anatomically correct female doll and has Down Syndrome facial features.
  • The large activity tray is fantastic for using with the kinetic sand, play dough, finger painting, painting, doing jigsaws and craft.
  • The Jumbo Jelly Balloon ball inflates up to 85cm and feels a little soft and spongy - hence the "jelly" name.  
  • These Jumbo Tweezers are designed especially for children to pick up small items, develop fine motor and hand eye coordination.
  • This set of alphabet magnetic letters is a great tool to have at home or school to help kids learn the alphabet and to spell.
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  • Construct some words with Lets Spell: 3 Letter Words
  • Six Games to help your child with their social awareness skills  
  • The Scooter Board - Large is an essential tool for therapy. Scooter board's  help children work on and develop strength, balance, proprioception, coordination and more.
  • The Lycra Body Sock is a fantastic resource that provides proprioception feedback  and deep pressure.
  • These Easi-Grip Crayons come in a set of 24 and are designed especially for little hands to grip - they are a hexagonal shape and don't roll off the table either.
  • The Lycra Tunnel is a fantastic resource that provides proprioception feedback  and deep pressure.
  • Theraputty is a fabulous product for hand strengthening, and recommended by therapists.
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    The Time To Go Timer is a great behavioural Management tool for at home or in the classroom!
  • The Ark Sensory Bookmark Fidget is a thin band, with four different textured sections, small bumps, larger bumps, straight lines, and diagonal lines