The Starfish SHORT VOWEL Bingo Game     FREE

Another game we use, is this Short Vowel Bingo Game.

There are 2 levels to this short vowel Bingo game.

Level 1 – picture (words) beginning with a short vowel  eg ant

Level 2 – picture (words) with the short vowel sound as the medial sound (in the middle) eg cap

We play the game with a write on wipe off dice that has a vowel letter written on each side.  The 6th side we drew a “star” and called it the joker (if the joker is rolled, the player can choose the vowel).

Instructions for play:

Decide whether you are going to use the level 1  or 2 version.  If you use all 8 cards, then up to 8 people can play at one time.

Each player has a bingo card.  It is quite okay to have players on different levels in teh same game.

The players take turns rolling the die, and putting a counter on a picture (word) on their BINGO card that contains the short vowel rolled.

If there are no pictures (words) left on their card containing the short vowel rolled then they miss a turn.

First player to fill their bingo card with counters, wins the game.


  • Children can play this on their own as a simple matching task.

You will need:

  • DOWNLOAD the FREE short vowel Bingo Card game here.

  • 32 Counters (you can use bottle tops or something similar).  You can purchase DSC_3990counters in our online store here.

  • 10 minutes to make the game

  • a write on wipe off dice.  If you’re after the write one wipe off dice that we used in the youtube clip, you can go to our online store here.
    Or, you could use the red alphabet dice which you’ll find in our online store here.

    DSC_4016       Starfish education centre (150 of 287)

    image We’ve added in a vowel spinner, (in the download for the game) so you could also use that.





Print the 8 BINGO cards.  There are 4 of each level.

Laminate the BINGO cards for a longer life span

Label the write on wipe off dice with each of the 5 short vowels and a joker/star on the 6th side.

The Starfish Short Vowel BINGO  Game is a handy game and/or resource to add to the kit bag for helping kids learn and master the short vowel sounds.  Use it at home or in reading groups.


We have another free short vowel game on the website, called the SHORT VOWEL sorting game.  We made this one and have been using it in our centre.  You can get to it’s link here.


You can get to our comprehensive blog post on how to teach those pesky short vowels by clicking here.

We’ll also be adding heaps more free stuff so watch this space.