Many children and adults can be sensitive to sound and noises.

This can impact on their ability to function both at home and in the community.  For some people it can really limit how, where and when they engage and participate.  They may avoid places and situations that might be noisy, crowded, chaotic or have the possibility of unexpected noises.

Situations at school such as school assemblies, the playground, concerts and even the classroom itself can be challenging.

Family outings can be very difficult, too.

We have quite a few options that can help with sound sensitivity.

Em’s for Kids Child Earmuffs

These are designed for children from 6mths up to smaller adults (they fit me comfortably).

They are folding, compact hearing protection earmuffs with an average noise reduction rating of 26dB.

I prefer these for children, as they are placed over the ear rather than in the ear.

I also like that they don’t distort the way the wearer’s voice sounds to them – an issue with other products that are inserted into the ear canal, and which may be disconcerting for young children.

Banz Noise Reduction Earmuffs – children

These are another option in ear muffs that go over the ear.

The quality of these is really good (hence they are slightly more expensive).  They help to reduce ambient noise while still allowing your child to hear someone speaking to them.

Leightning L1 Noise Reduction Earmuffs – adults

These Noise Reduction Earmuffs are designed for adults.

They are light weight yet sturdy and very comfortable.  With a noise reduction rating of 25dB they are very effective at blocking out noise.

Wireless Headphones

These headphones are designed to connect to any smart device.  They are not specifically noise cancelling earmuffs, however they do provide some noise reduction.  They give the option of providing white noise, calming sounds or your favourite music.

They are lightweight and cushioned for a comfortable fit.  Designed for adults, they are best suited to 12yrs+

Sensgard Ear Chamber Headphones

These are suitable for older children, adolescents and adults.  They are lightweight, foldable (they can fit into your bag or backpack) and won’t cause over heating of the head and ears.

When not in use, they can be slipped around the neck or folded and put in your pocket.

They have a high noise reduction rating of 31dB, while still allowing you to hear people talking.  They block background noise and low frequencies.

These are a really good option for when you want something fairly discreet, portable yet not an ear bud in the air canal (as these just sit in the outer ear chamber).


VIBES Ear Buds

These ear buds, or ear plugs, fit comfortably into the outer ear canal and are designed for all ages 8yrs+

They are Hi-Fidelity Earplugs which use acoustic filtering to lower the volume while still allowing the wearer to hear everything around them clearly (including people talking).  These have a noise reduction rating of 15dB and do not muffle sound (as many ear muffs and ear plugs do).

The Vibes ear Plugs are discreet (virtually invisible!), and ideal for concerts and group or social situations eg church, scouts etc. The set includes 3 different sizes of interchangeable tips to ensure a good fit.

These ear plugs were originally designed for the concert goer, however they have been widely picked up by the Autism community, those with Auditory Processing Disorder, ADHD or other hearing issues.  I checked with the manufacturer, and they’ve had positive feedback from families who have used them with children as young as 6 and 7yrs.  However it all depends on the “fit” and that will depend on the size of their ear/ear canal.  Also, the ear plugs are small, so should be used under supervision with young children.

An attachable cord is available for purchase here.