Top Resources to Teach the Alphabet

Here’s a few things that we have carefully chosen to help children learn the alphabet.

They’re all in our store and in our online shop.

1. Educational Bricks.  

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These are a top seller.  We use them EVERY day in our tutoring centre and consultancy.

Start with the lower case, vowel sounds & digraphs, then adding to the set with the others.

We set ours up on a large base plate and then use the small base plate to make words.   Write words and names for your children to copy and create using the educational bricks, thank heavens for digital media as you can also take photos of all your family members (and pets) and print the words/names next to them in the correct foundation font.

To see how we set these fantastic educational bricks up, click here.

To see them in action click here.

2. Placemat   

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Most people have an alphabet poster up in their home, and they’re often in infants classrooms.   The placemats have the advantage of being portable.  They’re wipe-clean, too!

3. Jigsaws

We have quite a few other alphabet jigsaws online and in store, such as these below…

Puzzle upper and lower case

puzzle lower case

Jigsaws can be an important part of learning the alphabet.  These jigsaws are all timber, so they’re durable and long lasting.  The options are lower case only, lower and upper case letters, and lower case/upper case matching.  These jigsaws also support the learning of alphabetical order and perfect to use while kids are singing the alphabet song.

Click on each image to order them from our online store.

4. Magnetic Letters

Magnetic Letters

Order your alphabet letters here.

Order the magnetic boards here.

The magnetic alphabet letters are a staple part of most literacy learning programs at school or home.  Use them on any magnetic surface: the fridge, magnetic easel or our portable magnetic white boards. I store mine in a fishing tackle box, basically in alphabetical order and with the vowels separated in the top row….check out the photo below.

5.  Ants in the Apple


In our tutoring centre and consultancy, we use the Ants in the Apple cards frequently with kids who are mastering learning the letters and sounds of the alphabet  usually when they already know some of the letters, so we have a base to build on).  Most kids who come to our centre, do know some letters such as the letters in their name.  Check out our youtube footage showing the cards in use here.

6.  Beat the Bear

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Beat the Bear is a fabulous game.  We often recommend it, as it is a fun way to learn the letters of the alphabet.  Beat the Bear was designed by a specialist teacher and using games to help kids learn the alphabet is smart!

7. Initial Consonants Desk games

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The Initial Consonants Desk game set, is a box of 3 different games all designed by an experienced specialist teacher to help kids learn the alphabet letters and the sounds they make.  Dinosaur dance is a particular favourite with young kids….this help kids learn the names of the letters as they race around the board.  The other two games are also fun and help kids learn letter names and sounds.  Using games to help kids learn the alphabet as is not just smart, it makes learning fun, and this set means you can have a variety of alphabet game options to keep it interesting and mix it up.

8. Alphabet Bean Bags


The Alphabet bean bags are such a fun way to help kids learn the alphabet.  Get kids moving, playing, using hand eye – all while they learn the letters of the alphabet.

9. Alphabet Memory

This is a gorgeous wooden alphabet memory set, and a durable colourful long lasting keeper.  Get yours here.

10.  Alphabet Wikki Stix

For sensory and tactile alphabet play, pick yourself up a pack of wiki stix.

11.  Alphabet lotto

Alphabet Lotto is a quality popular game with teachers and early childhood educators. 

       Magnetic Tracing Letters


Alphabet Upper and Lower case letter tablets are a fabulous way to help children learn to write

the letters with the recommended letter formation.

We have loads more products and ideas to help kids learn the alphabet.

Pop into out store, or have a browse on-line. 


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