Are you after Toys and Resources that smell, to provide olfactory input?

What is Olfaction?

Olfaction is the fancy name for our sense of smell.  It is one of our most powerful senses.

It can trigger memories and emotions.  This means that smells can truly affect our mood and even our behaviour.

Smell can trigger wanting to eat things.  This is because it is closely related to our sense of taste.

It can also trigger quite powerful aversions to certain objects and situations.

Some people can be extremely sensitive to certain smells.

How to use different smells and scents

Do you know someone who is very sensitive to certain smells?  Maybe it restricts them from doing certain activities?

Maybe someone you know has behaviour problems or they are very anxious.  Could smell be an underlying cause that has not been considered?

Being clever with the use of smells can help support behaviour.  It can help provide a pleasant and calming environment.

Providing scents and aromas in a planned way, as well as through games and toys, can help people gradually get used to smells if they are hyper-sensitive.

There are quite a few toys and resources that have definite smells as part of their design.

Looking for quick and easy toys that smell?

Things to add to your Sensory Kit

Jumbo Juicy Scented neon markers

Mini Scented markers 

Scented Neon Dandy Candy markers

Scented glitter gel pens

Stinky Stickers

Scratch and Sniff sticker 

Scented erasers 

Scented Eraser Pen

Lil Juicies Scented Erasers

Jumbo Eraser Scented Eraser

Chew Lolly – Chocolate

Chew Stixx – Grape, Chocolate, Mint and Orange