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New Products at Starfish

We are always on the lookout for great products at Starfish.

We have some criteria to help us choose:

  • it has to be GOOD
  • it has to PASS our product testing (and that of our customers)
  • it has to be QUALITY and last a reasonable time for the price
  • it has to meet a PURPOSE (educationally, developmentally and/or therapeutically)
  • the PRICE has to be fair and competitive
  • it needs to be SAFE
  • it has to be something we like, BELIEVE in, would use ourselves or know someone that would

So what is the latest that you absolutely must know about?

These are fabulous bricks (same size as Duplo and interchangeable) that night up.  They make a wonderful night light or sensory room toy or catalyst for the burgeoning electrical engineer!

This is the smaller pack below. To find the right size pack for you click here. 

Monkey Around is a gorgeous game that gets children up and moving (and activating their vestibular and proprioceptive sensory systems).  It is designed for the preschooler and makes for a must have FUN resource for therapists, early intervention specialists and for families to have at home.  To order or learn more click here.

Sloth in a Hurry is another game designed to get children moving and providing loads of sensory input.  It is basically a charades game but with a twist.  What we love about this game is that it is can be easily adapted to suit a whole class.  Order yours or check it out here.

These two buzzer games are loads of fun.  We’ve played them in our shop, at home and on New years Eve!  We love these games because they can be easily adapted to a large group or class, and because everyone ends up laughing – they are a stimulus for positive relationships.

Laugh Out Loud is all about trying not to laugh – when, let’s just say, others have to deliberately make it difficult.

Doodle Buzz is a drawing game but you have to do the who, what and where.  We played this for our most recent family dinner and it was a hit!

Grab one or both of these for the family games night or for your first week back at school.



We LOVE this pencil topper chew because it can fit on CHUNKY pencils and pens.  Whereas most pencil toppers for chewing only fit on quite thin pencils – I’m not sure why.  Anyway, we now have this one, and it is fantastic.  They’re a great price and you get 2 in a pack.  To get yours on it’s way in time for school click here.

I wanted you all to know about this new Mr & Mrs Potato Head packs (YES, you get both in the pack).  We stock them as a tool for the early stages of teaching and learning of facial expressions and emotions.  Availability can be unfortunately inconsistent so if you wanted to add them to your resources, it would be smart to order quickly.


After a novel game or resource that can be used as a stimulus for learning about feelings and emotions in context?  This one is different and huge (literally) and perfect for preschool and primary school age children.  It works best one to now or with a small group.  You can read up more about it here.

Oh my word, I LOVE these wooden blocks!  They are BIG.  They feel so NICE.  They provide over 4000 different facial combinations.  TRUE!  What a wonderful, long lasting and durable resource to have in your educational or therapy setting.  They are a #musthave so get yours here.

This game has won loads of awards and now that Ive played it I can see why.  It is another in our ever expanding range of cooperative games (players work together, not against each other).  Everyone needs to help get all the owls back into the nest before the sun goes down.  There is just a little strategy, and you can make it harder or easier depending on your needs.  Best for 3 – 7yrs of age.  I have this sitting on my bookshelf at home just waiting for my 4yr old grand daughter to get back from holidays.  She is fantastic at some things, but oh my goodness she is a shocker when it comes to playing games, taking turns, sticking to the rules – so Im hoping this is going to be the perfect stepping stone to help her learn the etiquette of board games.  If you are needing games to help children develop social skills, play with others (without dominating or controlling), and game playing skills (such as taking turns, playing by the rules, coping with the highs and lows) then this may well be a great starting point so click here.

  • Handwriting and Pencil grip helpers

Poor fine motor, hand strength and pencil grip are common issues facing parents, therapists and teachers.  We are always adding to our range of products to support this need.  Here are just a few of late.  To learn more or order, please click on each image.





  • Sensory and/or Fidget box supplies

When it comes to sensory box items and fidgets – there is no one size fits all because everyone’s sensory diet is different.  We are ALWAYS looking for good items to add to the range, to give people more options.  Here are just a few of the latest.  Please click on each picture below to order or to read more about them.





There are SO many more new products.  These are just a few.  Stock was still arriving on Christmas eve, and hasn’t yet been added!  There are some beauties that I cant wait to show you when I next up date this post.

Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see NEW products as they roll in.  Or better yet, pop in store or look online too.

Hope you have found lots of things that are really helpful.

Kirstie xx

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